Heater Sets – Templates for Enterline Tray Sealing machines

The Heater Set is an essential piece of tooling without which the Enterline Machine cannot seal trays. Each tray size (length x width) has its own unique Heater Set which matches its size and shape. The Heater Set comprises of two parts:

  • the bottom plate – which is a blue silicon coated template profiled to the precise shape of a specific Entervessel tray. For example, the EHS19151S heater set is shaped to fit all the PSW1915 trays ( 197mm x 150mm ).
  • and the top section , which holds the teflon coated sealing element and profiled cutting blade, designed to seal along the rim of the tray and then neatly cut the plastic around the edges resulting in a neat presentation.

When inserted into an Enterline machine, the Heater Set allows the use of that specific shaped tray. After being automatically drawn into the machine the Heater Set holds the tray in place, seals the film to its rim and cuts neatly around the edges, resulting in a professional tray sealed finish.

Heater Sets are simple to change, requiring no screwdrivers, allen keys or other tooling.

How to insert a Heater Set

There are different sized Heater Sets available for different machines. We currently offer 2 Heater Sets sizes for use in the smaller EHM200 and EHQ200N machines and 3 Heater Sets for use in the larger EHM350 and EHQ350N machines, as follows:

EHM200/EHQ200N Heater Sets

EHS13001R 135mm HEATER SET
EHS12181S HEATER SET 120mm x 180mm

EHM/EHQ350N Heater Sets

EHS19151S HEATER SET 197mm x 150mm
EHS25171S HEATER SET 253 x 175mm
EHS23191S HEATER SET 230mm x 190mm

Click any of the above Heater Sets to view the available trays and other associated products.