The Enterline Tray Sealing System consists of TRAYS, HEATER SETS, LIDDING FILM and TRAY SEALING MACHINES. These are all designed to work seamlessly together to provide a professionally sealed tray.

Begin by Selecting your Tray

In order to select the correct combination of heater sets, film and machines to match your tray, we recommend that you begin by choosing the tray size you require.

View our tray selection by clicking the button below ( opens in new tab)

You will notice that below each set of trays is the required Heater Set, Film and Machine that matches your chosen tray(s).
You will notice that all trays with a matching Length x Width use the same Heater Set, film and Machine. For example , all of the 197mm x 150mm trays use the EHS19151S Heater Set, 230mm film and work in either the EHM350 or EHQ350N machine.

How to set up an EHQ automatic Tray Sealing machine.

Before using your EHQ Enterline tray sealing machine, you will first need to install the HEATER SET and load the LIDDING FILM to match the size tray that you are using.

The video demonstrates the procedure required to get your Enterline Tray Sealing Machine set up and ready to operate.

How it Works

Once you have your machine set up with the Lidding Film and Heater Set installed, you are ready to operate the machine. Please view the following video demonstrating the basic operation of the EHQ350N machine.